7.5mos in: baby food update.

A month and a half into baby food making, and we're still going strong. Mari has yet to meet a food she doesn't like. We're starting to combine fruits and vegetables now, like creamy sweet potatoes with pear puree - doesn't that sound good?

I will keep it real - of all the homemade foods Mari's tasted, the one thing she loves more than anything I make is oatmeal, which you can find just about anywhere you can buy jarred baby food. Cereal is her favorite meal of the day. It's practically mine too, and I'm okay with that.

I'm still using all the same products I mentioned last month, but I especially love, love, love C&B's Glasslock containers and my OXO Food Mill. I highly recommend both for those embarking on the solids experience. I also cannot live without a trusty stainless steamer basket and Mari's most fabulous high chair. I look at it and smile, and am so grateful for all our friends who helped contribute to her first big girl chair.

I am pleasantly surprised that I'm relying equally as much on Cooking for Baby as I am The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet. Each book has its strengths, and are great compliments when I'm pondering a cooking process, a new vegetable or I forget something simple about food storage.

Last thought on baby food: making Mari's meals has inspired me to get back to the basics by adding more organic fruits and vegetables to my diet, and savoring them. We smell the raw produce, we touch it and we look at its pretty color. Instead of rushing the cooking process, we slow down. We're thankful for this food and appreciate it for its pure, delicious, naked taste. That's new to me.

As is eating broccoli steamed. And actually enjoying it. Magical!

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