valentine's for baby.

Hello, February! Have you bought your candy hearts yet?

I've been obsessing over valentine's day-inspired gifts for my little love bug. Little girls = cute little clothes and lots of pink. For the record, I usually reserve baby pink in small doses, for things like my toes, but Mari looks good in pink. It really is her color.

In the clothes department: Ruffle-Back Leggings in Pink Grapefruit; Easy Breezy Dress Set in Sun Up Yellow; Ruffle Trim Romper in Bakery Pink; Baby Legs Sweet Heart Leg Warmers.

She's too young to shower with too many gifts. For now, bliss (and sometimes, torment) is an empty water bottle, my Blackberry or her daddy's Mac. But, she does love her Jelly Cat. Loves. If she didn't already have one, I'd be tempted to buy the striped Bon Bon Bunny in the spirit of valentine's.
Two more love-inspired gifts for little ones: Hugs and Kisses children's personalized stationery; Heart Measuring Cups.

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