more peas, please.

I am really just barely getting Mari's food made, but when I get to it, it makes me so happy. If it's the only time I get in the kitchen all week, I'm so okay with that.
Growing up, we ate home cooked meals, every day, at the dinner table. No exceptions. In my parent's house, sharing food equaled sharing the love, and so it will be in our house.
We're all slowly getting the hang of baby food, and here's what's helping us along the way, including lots of tools from OXO Tots.

OXO Baby Food Mill
If you've ever wanted one, here's your great excuse. What have I done without this for so long? I love that it's lightweight, easy to clean and gets me off the hook from peeling. Anything.

OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray
From the food mill to the ice cube trays the food goes. These come with lids, and are rid of all the bad things bad plastic brings.

Crate & Barrel Glasslock Containers 
Once frozen, food gets popped out and into these perfectly-sized (and pretty) glasslock containers, which are freezer, oven and dishwasher safe. Great multi-purpose purchase, if you ask me.

OXO Freezer Storage Containers
I use these to defrost and warm her frozen food cubes (using a bottle warmer). These containers are also freezer-friendly and free of plastic toxins. For bigger babes: these also come in 4 oz. sizes.

Green Sprouts Waterproof Terry Bibs
So far, these are our favorites. Easy to wash, they don't get wet and heavy on Miss Mari and they're plain. Waterproof + terry + not tacky = not easy to find.

We also use all sorts of serving utensils from OXO, like these bowls and feeding spoons. In the cookbook department, this is my baby food bible, thanks to Jen. For a second reference, I was gifted this cookbook, which is super informative, gives some great recipe alternatives and is pretty. Like really pretty. As far as photographing baby food can be.
In my case, it's beautiful. So very beautiful.

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Karen said...

That picture is priceless...Mari loves her peas!