happy 02.14.12.

On a day like today, I can just picture myself at my little grade school desk in Mrs. Mullin's class, getting organized for the great valentine's swap with my classmates. Oh, the anticipation and excitement that came with giving and receiving homemade cards - well, let's just say, it's stayed with me.

I have always loved valentine's day, and like most things in my life, the holiday seems to get sweeter having a little one of my own.
I had so much fun getting crafty over the weekend with my little helper, and Mari dropped her first valentine cards in the mail yesterday. Can you imagine the love flowing through the U.S. Postal system today? In my mind, it's the red and pink version of the Whoville Post Office on Christmas (now that's a Post Office).

Inspired by Ashley's heart garland - a 2011 favorite - here's what we stitched together.

May your mailbox be full today. Have a lovely Valentine's!

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Karen said...

How sweet and such a great memory. Love the pink and white polka dot envelopes.