dandelion for baby.

For months, I've been eyeing these cute soft, knitted round rattles at our local Whole Foods. I've talked myself out of buying them an impressive number of times. But, last week, I caved. I decided it was time for Mari to get rolling with these soft friends. I'm not sure who loves them more - she or me.
Turns out the Roly Polies, as they call them, come from a line of Earth-friendly baby goods, called Dandelion. The balls of happiness are crocheted by hand, using silky bamboo thread and stuffed with fibers made from corn. They're cute, good for the Earth and good for the babes and... they're machine washable.
PS: using all my will power to keep from buying the Little Ladybug this hand knitted hat.

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Karen said...

Those are really cute. I can see why it's hard to fight the temptation. Mari is growing up and looks so cute!