jan. din party: chips, dip, chili + babies.

I spent lots of time spent in the kitchen over the weekend, with Mari (and for Mari! details to come), which made us both happy. And, in the spirit of a long overdue get together with good friends, we hosted our first dinner party of the year; a serve-yourself chili buffet, with a side of salad and cornbread. We ate on our knees as we watched our babes roll around and get reacquainted with each other.
Mari has known Bodie as long as I have known Bodie's mom. Kara and I met early in our pregnancies, connected by yoga. We saw each other twice a week for nearly 40 weeks, on the mat. We experienced morning sickness together, baby prep classes together, swelling, food aversions, bad news, good news, bad advice, good advice and everything in between that comes with the beauty of carrying a child. She's a special friend, and so are her two special men.

Our weekend dinner was a much-needed celebration of the half-year mark (WE MADE IT!) and a chance to re-connect after months of maternal hibernating. We kept it very casual, with my favorite white bowls and tri-pod server.
I made some notes for an update on Whitney's White Bean Chicken Chili, and will be sharing that later this week. Also to come: a new chip/dip that might just be perfect for your Super Bowl Sunday.

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Karen said...

This is a great step...entertaining with baby. Congratulations. The menu sounds delicious and the relaxed and inclusive nature...FUN!
P.S. Love Mari's outfit.