happy new year.

From my paperwhites, to yours, happy new year. I have been at a loss for writing, mostly because I've been having so much fun being Mari's mom. With some time off from work, I really unplugged - and how often can you really say that about a little mini-break?
Really, for me, this might be a first. With Mari in my life, I've been living and counting each and every second, and trying my best to make the most of it. To capture it, in memory or in Nikon, and savor it. People regularly stop us and comment that this must be our first child because we are seen snapping at every chance we get. Is there something wrong with that?

Maybe it will be different should we be blessed with a second child, but for now, I'm going to blissfully be a first-time mom, take too many photos and love every second of it.
Speaking of first-time moms, I would like to send the happiest cyber congratulations to a dear blogger friend, Miss Mary of Tulips and Flight Suits. Her little Ellie is just perfect, and we send California light and love your way as you wade through the precious first few weeks at home with your little one.

Take a million photos. We did, and I still want more.


mary said...

you are beyond sweet! our nikon is out & ready :) can't thank you enough for all your love & guidance!

Karen said...


Our son and daughter-in-law created some very sweet picture calendars of our first grandchild for grandma and grandpa this past Christmas and DIL explained that the most challenging part was going through the 3,200 images of our bundle of joy! How fun! Happy New Year.