2012 intentions.

A wise yoga instructor taught me to make intentions for the new year (vs., say, resolutions). She tells me that when we make intentions, we tell ourselves that we intend to do something, and that triggers something in the brain to get it done.

I've never made a public list before, but a few of my favorite bloggers do (fave one, fave two and fave three), and I thought that this might help keep me honest. What's on your list? Intentions, resolutions or otherwise?
Host a dinner party once a month.
How many times do you hear yourself saying, 'we should really have so-and-so over for dinner soon,' and then before you know it, 2011 has passed and you've missed so many opportunities to break bread with dear friends? Well, it happens to me way too often. This is the year of the dinner party. Dinner, brunch, casual, take out or fancy - any and all of the above will do.

Read to Mari every night (and then, to myself).
I haven't been great about reading to Mari, but in the last week, she seems to be more book-engaged. I want it to be part of our evening routine, and a part of mine as well, starting with this book (thanks, Andrea!).

Take a photography class.
Speaking of photography, I know I'm cheating myself for everyday I use my camera without really knowing how to use it, and I'm getting frustrated. Knowledge is power. And I need some power over my Nikon (and I think this might be the answer).

Make Mari's baby food.
I'm all set and ready to tackle making my babe's food, and I'm so excited about it. I did a lot of research and it turns out that you don't need a whole heck of a lot to do it, but there are tools out there to help simplify the process. If you're in my boat, start with The Haystack Needles' recent post on the subject.

Finish Mari's first year baby book by the time she turns one.
And by this, I mean print out our favorite photos, write in her book (or make one? I am tossing around options), get all her milestones tracked, etc. I'm all over the place in this department. Must get organized.

Get creative on the computer.
Re-learn the Adobe software that I was introduced to in college. And then have fun with it.

Plant an herb garden and help it grow.
We don't have too much outdoor space, but we've certainly got enough for a little herb garden, be it in a planter or something creative like this. Kind of right up my alley.

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Erin said...

Love all your intentions! I made pretty much all of Brendan's baby food. I froze the food in ice cube trays - each cube is one ounce. I thought it was very easy and he seemed to like everything I made! Good luck with it!