It's time. I returned to the office this week. It's so hard, isn't it? This separation, the transition and yet another life change. It's been a slow process getting to this state of mind, of trading in the most fabulous job in the world for another pretty darn good job. I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many supportive people as I put my full-time mom hat on hold and return to life as a professional. And I know it will get easier in time.

Ah, time.

I've had many up and down days preparing for this transition, and part of what has helped me gear up for it has been some serious organization, which, for me, is therapeutic.

The house is more nested, drawers and cabinets are streamlined and labeled, and down to the hour, we've tackled who's-taking-care-of-Mari, when she eats, when she sleeps and everything in between (thank goodness for that Bum Book thing). The one thing we don't have is a master calendar. Now that we're a family of three, we've got some management to do at home and with 2012 knocking on the door, now's a perfect time to rediscover my love of wall calendars. Care to join me?
{from Etsy :: Letter C Wall Calendar :: Pitcher Plant Wall Calendar :: More from Letter C Design}
{from Paper Source :: Great Big Wall Calendar :: Art Grid Calendar :: Kraft Grid Calendar}
Calendars make me so happy.

PS: making me even happier these days is when Mari curls up in child's pose. It's real, people. There is such a thing. Babies do sleep in balasana. And it's beautiful.


Jessica Root said...

We share many similar interests, but I have to say the calendar one is the top!

Karen said...

You've got a wonderful attitude and I know you'll be successful at juggling both jobs.
P.S. the BC coffee cake was amazing. Thanks for giving me the heads up on it.
P.S. I love calendars as well, I don't think I'll ever cross over to the strictly interactive calendars.