months 2 + 3 must haves.

My goodness, does time fly. We are closing in on four months, and if it's possible, life with Mari seems to get more and more fun with each passing day. She's very busy - learning how to roll over, relaxing in ananda balasana, chuckling a little belly laugh and so much more.

And I've been tracking it hourly, with a quick flip of the page in Mari's Bum Book. It's a little record of her daily activity - sleep, wake, eat, poop, etc. - the riveting stuff that rules my everyday. When I'm trying to find patterns, what works for our baby, when she sleeps best and for how long, etc., this little journal is essential and makes it so easy, all in one place. Plus, it's cute.
So cute. And functional. It's spiral-bound, and there's also plenty of space to jot down daily milestones so I can remember all the little things. And that's the good stuff that I never want to forget.

As I track her progress day-to-day, I'm reminded how quickly things change, and how what we needed to survive the first few weeks has evolved.  We are so grateful to have some things that make life a little easier, and including the Bum Book, here's a quick list of our must haves for the second and third months, as Miss Mari has officially moved on and up into a crib of her own. (Which, for the record, was harder on me than it was on her - but isn't that always what they say?)

+ Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine :: plugs into a wall, and never shuts off until you do it yourself. A never ending alternative to the Sleep Sheep (which we do have and love, especially for travel). It's also iPod compatible.

+ Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack :: pretty to look at, and dries all those pumping accessories and bottles fantastically. It makes washing everything with one eye open much more tolerable, and I don't mind having it on my countertop one bit.

+ Summer Infant Slim & Secure Video Monitor :: did I really need this? I didn't think so. But with it, I feel liberated to sit and blog, or cook, or do millions of other things without feeling like I need to go check on her. With the monitor, she's always with me. Especially in the middle of the night.

+ Gro-Egg Digital Room Thermometer :: ends the 'do you think she's cold'-debate and doubles as a soft night light. For those with unreliable heating systems (read: in beach rentals), this is my new favorite toy. It's also hip looking. Like super hip and cool. Kind of like that grass drying rack.

+ Aquaphor :: for rashes, scratches and all of the above, it's magical. Can't live without.

What's on your list?

PS: South Bay locals: buy your Bum Book (and so much other fun stuff) here. And then go eat next door at Simmzy's.

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