advent calendars.

Growing up, one of my favorite holiday traditions was counting the days away for Christmas on the advent calendar. Every morning, my brother and I would trade off the advent calendar duties, and each year, we alternated who got the odd days, and who got the evens. We had a system, and it was a very big deal.
So, for Mari's first Christmas, a family advent calendar was a must, and my mom found one that I just love. Until Mari's big enough to unwrap gifts each day, we're (read: I am) going to use a tiny ornament to move from day-to-day until December 25, when she'll get a super sweet treat, on this cute Land of Nod number.
If you're shopping for a wall countdown calendar, they've got a few more styles to see. But hurry, Dec. 1 is Thursday! (YES!)

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Karen said...

So cute. We had an advent calender for the boys when they were small and it was always so fun and a very "big deal". I will have to consider buying one of these for Olivia to take home. Even at 1 year I think she won't have the hang of it but Jamie can do some creative things with it until she's old enough to want a little treat in each pocket. :-)
Happy season to you!