welcome, fall.

Fall finally arrived in our house, just a few days later than last year. Part of me was a little stubborn to let go of summer, being that it was the most wonderful one of my life and all.
But, on with my favorite season - there's so much goodness on Fall's list - and I'm glad I got to check something off, finally. I was inspired by Whitney, who just days after giving birth, has a cozy, Autumn aurora going on at their house, and it feels good.

With a few purchases at the local market, I brought some warmth in to our home with flowers, pumpkins, candles and some recycled crafts from last year.
My new favorite place to decorate is our entryway / stairwell. It needs some love after the holidays. I'm thinking more lanterns.

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Karen said...

I love lanterns and Ikea has some pretty darn cute ones. Your fall accessories look great and I'm sure you home is cozy and festive!