weekend snaps.

Today is gray at the beach, which is the opposite of the beautiful October weather we had over the weekend. Come this time of year, vacationers have gone home, The Strand has a bit more breathing room and it's a special time at the beach. It's usually crystal clear during the day, with crisp weather in the evenings, and it makes the transition from summer to fall just beautiful. We may not have leaves changing color around here, but we've got a pretty good view (and rumor has it we're due for 80-degree weather later this week!).
And, around the house, window boxes are thriving, thanks to my mom for replanting over the summer and giving them lots of love...
... and we're enjoying pillows she gave new life, using some old 16x16" down fillers and one of my favorite fabrics that I'd saved for way too long. It's one of Mary's favorites, too.
They are a perfect match for our Kooboo Wicker Chairs. Like?


mary said...

love, love, love!!

Karen said...

Love the window boxes and the chairs and pillows! Very pretty.