fun, primarily.

It's amazing what my friends can do, really. The same group of gals that threw my french-themed fete outdid themselves again, this time, showering Erin and her husband, Mike, in a co-ed, primary color paradise at a miniature golf course. 
As we've grown up together over the past 15 years, we've all married, some have babies, some have some on the way and showers aren't just a girlfriend production. They now involve some heavy lifting and creativity from the men in our world, and in this case, I was especially thankful for two in particular, who helped pull this together and made it easy - so easy - on all of us. 

'Twas a splendid day of golf, pizza, beer, cake and good, good friends. And some cute, cute details, for which I can take no credit, but I am going to share. 
How to make a random party room at a miniature golf course look FAB (and save some $ while doing it):

+ cutest table runners: long rectangles of astro turf
+ garland lined with clothespins
+ diaper cakes
+ lots of balloons (tip: rent a helium tank and DIY)
+ spray painted tees
+ spray-painted golf balls (tips: local course provided used driving range balls for free (just ask!), and Amanda used an egg carton to help make spray painting easy, a la Easter egg decorating)
+ cake from Becker's, of course
+ also: cute DIY-printed invitation (not photographed) made easy by Etsy

A lot of thought, care and planning went into a really fun day on Saturday. And btw, I forgot how fun miniature golf is with a group of pals. It was a lot like a really fun date night set in high school, minus Bananarama

We're so excited for Baby U. Congratulations, Erin and Mike!

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Karen said...

You and your friends really are amazing. I'm glad you share these great ideas with us. I've used some of your inspiring ideas for showers I've given.