mom milestone: road trip with mari.

Let me start by saying this: I did not think it was possible to get a little R&R with a baby. The thought of getting away after much list-making, packing and preparation had me exhausted before the road trip began.
What was I thinking? All you need is a little room service, some pool time and the people you love and you've got the best vacation ever (a smooth glass of red to get your wine palate back doesn't hurt, either).

Over the weekend, we took a mini-vacation in Carlsbad, just to the north of one of our favorite California cities and Mari got her first taste of resort living, and I think she loved it. I know I did, and I didn't realize how badly I needed a break from the day-to-day. A change of scenery, some major indulging and sun screen, even if just for a few days, can really do the trick.

We're inching our way towards travel-by-air. But, when it comes to the road, we've had some practice runs to my parent's house, and we seem to have a good system. Here's what's working for us (noting that, since we had our car, we over packed - because we could!):

On Packing
+ Mari's clothes, A+A blankets and burp cloths (one for each day) got their own medium-sized duffel bag with two big side pockets, each stuffed with a few of her favorite toys.
+ She was gifted the best personalized travel bag, which you may not think is necessary, until you realize you need to pack things like the bulb syringe, Aquaphor, thermometer, baby acetaminophen... and hairbrush, of course.
+ Supplies: diapers, wipes, the pump (and parts) and backup milk (in small insulated bag) got dumped into a giant L.L. Bean Extra Large Boat Tote.
+ On the pump parts: I keep all of mine in a loaf pan-sized plastic container everyday, so when we packed up to go, I snapped the lid on and was rolling.
+ Extras that made it into the boat tote: Gentle Giraffe, two medium-weight blankets (to spread on hotel bed linens for play time) and the Boppy, which lightly rested on top of the giant bag.

On Sleeping
+ If I didn't love my stroller enough, I really do now. Mari still fits in her Vista bassinet (but not for long!), which was the perfect little home for nap time and nighttime. (If you are considering stroller options and want to chat, drop me a line!).

On Hotels
+ On our mini-vacation, I was thankful for two things; (1) a large, outdoor property with beautiful grounds, which allowed for long walks and pool time; and (2) great food/bev options making room service very glamorous - and good!
+ I'm a little OCD on keeping things sanitary. Wiping down hotel room surfaces when we checked in gave me some peace of mind.

Mom Vets: I'm learning as I go, so let's hear your travel tips.

New moms: looking for some advice about travel with babe? Scour Rookie Moms' articles on the subject. Good, helpful stuff.

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