first month must haves.

Hardly an expert on anything parental, but feeling more grounded each day, I have taken note of a few must-have items for the first month with a new little person. Besides the obvious, here's what I was so thankful to have during month one.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: Ah, swaddling. I recently told my girlfriend that if I could trade more diaper changing for less swaddling, I would. But, now that we're to the eight week mark (!), it's not as hard as it was, and I'm more and more thankful for the number of a+a swaddle blankets we have on tap. We use them for everything; we roll them up to support Mari's head for those things that are still a little big for her (e.g. car seat, the swing and most everything); we use more blanket rolls help keep her feel snug in her bassinet - one on each side of her body; and we drape the gauzy wonders over the stroller and car seat when the sun's shining.

Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs: It really doesn't matter what kind, but I've fallen in love with these burp cloths because they're easy to drape over your shoulder and never fall off. They're substantial in size, last through several spit ups and are easy to spot around the house when we're scrambling for clean up. Plus, it's more gauzy goodness that's soft on Mari's skin.

Aden + Anais Wash Cloths: Ditto on the wash cloths. We use them all the time, in and out of the bath.

Baby nail clippers: I was terrified to break out the nail clippers, and yes, I've already drawn blood (sorry, Mari!), but we needed these almost immediately after coming home from the hospital (the nail file I planned to use didn't work on new, fresh and thin baby nails). Nail clippers seem to be sold as part of a first aid kit, and we've also already used the thermometer (twice), and like this handy case that keeps everything organized.

Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads: For breastfeeding moms, these are a first week must. The pads last about four days, and provide such soothing relief when you need it most in the early stages of breastfeeding. Tip: leave them in the frig to chill for extra, extra feel-good relief.

Hand sanitizer: Is this obvious to you? Because it wasn't so obvious to me. I'm all about the sanitizer, but this was a brilliant idea to me (from genius mom and bestie Staci): get a pump for your changing table and you can be as fresh and clean as your little one. Stat.

New (and not-so-new moms): what else is on your first month essential list?


Monique said...

The MIRACLE BLANKET!!! An absolute must if your baby gets out of his/her swaddle! It is like a straight jacket for babies, but my 6 month old still will not fall asleep without it! And she is quite the little houdini.

Dana said...

The ever loving BOPPY!!! A must have and now we use it to support the little guy while he's sitting up! Baby Aquaphor saved our lives and still does and our Lil Lamb cradle swing...I think it's the only reason we got any sleep :) I can't believe Mari is already 8 weeks old!!!

paper{whites} said...
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paper{whites} said...

Yes to all four... Mari, right this minute, is napping, wrapped in a Miracle Blanket in her Lamb Swing with Baby Aquaphor dotted on her scalp and I'm about to break out the Boppy in about 10 minutes!