I happily recognize that we Southern Californians get to enjoy Summer well into October. As the days pass so very quickly with Miss Mari, I nearly forgot that my favorite season is upon us. Life without watching the calendar is liberating, but it flies by at a rapid pace, and before you know it, September is coming to a close.

This month flew by exceptionally fast, and it was extraordinarily special as I celebrated my first birthday as a mother. As years pass, birthday parties usually get a bit smaller, and you realize that the most important people in your life are indeed your family (and yes, my best girls included in that family), and there is nothing more special than blowing out candles, with daughter in hand and husband at my side, with family singing.

Birthdays are special, and so is this beautiful season. My birthday ushers in so many things that I love about Fall, and a little list will help me get in the mood, and remind me to slow down. This is one season I like to sip and enjoy.
+ school supply shopping
+ baking
+ college football
+ cozy candelit evenings
+ soup and chili for dinner
+ warm, seasonal drinks from CBTL
+ decorating with pumpkins and accessorizing the house
+ scarves and boots
+ honoring national yoga month
+ funnel cakes at the Hometown Fair
+ canning
+ Christmas list making and tag prepping

And, in the 'now I have a kid'-category, I'm looking forward to so many things, like Halloween, her first Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the fun in the in between. But I don't mean to wish the days away. If I could stop time with little Mari in my arms at approx. 11 pounds, 4 ounces, I just might.

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Karen said...

This will be such a special fall/winter for you...the first of many, each one seemingly better than any!

Happy Fall!