out + about and a new restaurant.

Mari's officially one month old! How four weeks have passed is a mystery. It's been the most amazing experience, full of so much love... and many growing pains, but in all the good ways.

Parenting is a day-to-day experiment, isn't it? Just as much as we're trying to figure Mari out and what she needs and likes, I know she's doing the same. Like my brother-in-law said over the weekend, there is no blueprint. But, we're getting used to each other, and we're slowly finding a rhythm to our days. It's a remarkable exploratory process that is so rewarding and so unnerving. And so, with a lot of help from my husband and our family and close friends, I'm learning how to be a mom.

We're starting to spread our wings and on our daily walks, we've made a few stops to introduce Mari to Manhattan Beach. She's visited the Post Office, not one but two of our favorite baby shops and a couple of neighborhood restaurants (this was one of the first, obv.).
We recently made our first visit - ever (embarrassing, I know) - to Four Daughters Kitchen in North Manhattan Beach. We didn't make it in time for their infamous breakfast menu, but we had a de-lish lunch (with mimosas!) while Mari caught some zzz's.

We loved it. It's full of good people and fresh dishes, like warm quinoa and spinach salad (that can be made into a wrap in a spinach tortilla!) and ceviche with crispy tortilla chips. We're looking forward to returning for breakfast. Soon.

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