hot off the press.

Mari's birth announcements arrived! It's my first Minted purchase, and well, I heart Minted. Check them out.
Our hospital provided a fab photography service, and shot us the morning after Mari was born - in our hospital room - and we were able to purchase a whole batch of professional family photos the same day. Amazing! Having these images so quickly helped me get the birth announcements signed, sealed and delivered swiftly. And pretty painlessly, in between feedings, of course. 

Shopping birth announcements? Here are seven other designs that I love. 


mary said...

LOVE minted and LOVE, LOVE these!! welcome mari!!!!

Karen said...

I'll have to visit minted...love the announcement. We all agree little Mari looks like her mommy and grandma.

Dana said...

ADORABLE!!! And I'm super jealous of your hospital's photog service! It took me over 2 months to get Jake's done.

paper{whites} said...

BEST service ever. It's literally a photo shoot in your hospital room. I didn't have to think about what to wear (for M)... or when to do it... or anything. And, if we didn't like any of the pics, we didn't have to purchase anything!

dave+debi said...

These are adorable! Congrats again on your little girl! She is beautiful!