dear poached eggs: I missed you.

When I was pregnant, I never really missed much as far as food and drink that were prohibidado. My body kindly rejected so much good stuff that I'm now slowly reintroducing to my diet, like poached eggs. And I realize: boy, did miss them.
Mari has a sensitive tummy and I'm temporarily cutting back on cow's milk products, so gone are the mornings of my favorite cereal and/or granola treat. But, I'm so okay with that now that runny yolks are back in my life. Especially when paired with some ripe tomato slices and freshly toasted whole wheat bread from the Manhattan Beach Farmer's Market.

If you've never tried poaching eggs, this step-by-step guide (with photos!) will be your best friend. Forever.


mary said...

man am I missing this!!! :)

ashley maureen said...

yum, i haven't had a poached egg in awhile... i might have to introduce them back into my morning routine!

Monique said...

I feel your pain Alison...I was dairy free for about 3 months. I will tell you what we ended up doing for Gemma, it was very difficult. I even went Dairy free, Egg Free and Soy free for a month!! Eggs were what I missed most.

kat said...

Hi Alison! Molly M. introduced me to your blog and I just wanted to tell you how much I adore it!

Karen said...

Jamie had to lay off dairy due to Olivia's sensitive tummy and she manged with almond milk...she was able to enjoy cereal. Fortunately, Olivia outgrew that sensitivity.
I love poached eggs.