best-ever croissants.

One of the really, really nice things about having the newest baby on the block is that people bring food. And, even now, more than six weeks in, we're still getting showered with kindness from family and friends.
Just before Mari was born, our neighbor casually asked, out of the blue, "Do you like almond croissants?" Do I like almond croissants? Um, yes please.  And so, not once, but twice, he's brought us these delicious, most perfect almond croissants from a little place called The French Gourmet in San Diego.

Croissants are my guiltiest pleasure. When I was young, my mom and I would strategically plan our mall trips around a stop-in at Vie de France, usually for an apple or cherry croissant. Now that my tastes have grown up, I am loving anything almond-filled.

My neighbor told us that these croissants are actually twice-baked, and let me tell you: they are by far the best croissants - chocolate, apple, raspberry with cream cheese - or otherwise - that I have ever tasted. In my life. So much for attempting to not eat like I'm still pregnant. 

San Dieg'ites: do tell if you know what I'm talking about. For the rest of us: must plan visit soon. 


Karen said...

Hi Alison,
I do love croissants...I must make a trip to San Diego to this place...this looks delicious. I used to time my mall visit for first thing in the morning so that I could justify the need for a chocolate croissant from Vie de France. Yummy.

Alison said...

Vie de France! I was addicted to the cherry croissants in the old days. And once we moved away, I didn't find another Vie de France... sad.

Belated congrats on your beautiful daughter... she is absolutely gorgeous!

My parents just moved back to Turtle Rock, so hopefully SoCA visit is in my future!