turning one.

Just eight days after Mari's birth, paper{whites} turns one! Happy Birthday to me (ish). And, I'll take a lime instead of a candle, thank you very much.
What a fun month, and what an extraordinary year this has been.

I distinctly remember where I was sitting, thinking about starting a blog exactly one year ago today. It wasn't really well thought out; it was more impulsive than anything. I was so apprehensive about putting pen to paper - in public (gasp!) - and that night, I went to bed with my heart racing with excitement, a little fear in the pit of my stomach and a smile on my face because I finally started writing.

Your visits here and there, your comments and your friendship have enriched my days in ways that make me so grateful for this experience. Since life has been on fast forward lately, I finally slowed down last night to recall my favorite posts from my rookie year:

+ the beauty of yoga.
my first guest post on the heart of the home.
+ waffles. enough said.
+ my gift tag obsession.
+ on expecting.
+ wedding anniversary tribute post.
+ finding my blog balance.
+ on the eighth month.
+ exploring my grandmother's sewing kit.
+ on changing up my day job.
+ and, of course: sharing the Mari news.

The best part about blogging is journaling life's little inspirations, and having the opportunity to share and collaborate with others. Blogging is addicting in the best way possible, and I'm so glad to have joined the conversation.

Thank you for being here, for listening, writing and sharing. Here's to a great second year.


MoKnows said...

I love your blog!! I am so happy for you guys and want to see more pictures of Mari and her nursette! Congrats on your 1 year blog anniversary.

mary said...

yay! yay!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to you paper{whites}. As a regular reader I must thank you for keeping me entertained always!