before and after: two-door cabinet.

The office/nursette is nearly complete, and one of the many things we finished over the weekend was this little cabinet. And, when I say 'we,' it's really either my dad or Eddie, or both. There's not a whole lot of 'me' in 'we' these days (for the record, we are officially 39+ weeks (out of 40!) and have the hospital bag packed).

Have you kept random pieces of furniture around, on the off chance that you'll refurbish them down the road? We have moved this cabinet, originally used as a TV stand, from rental-to-rental for the past eight years. It dates back to Eddie's childhood, and his mom originally white washed it years and years ago, and we finally updated it for our office/nursette.
With two slick coats of white glossy Rust-Oleum spray paint and new hardware, this worn piece of furniture is now a high-performance printer and work station. We've filled it with office essentials; stapler, tape, pens/pencils, hole punch and more (perfectly sized woven tray found at Target / Smith & Hawken). Behind the doors are reams of paper, printer cartridges, extra file folders and other supplies (white supply box from IKEA).
It's a great, small piece that compliments the entire room. We're onto the accessorizing phase, and putting little touches to this special space that has been a work-in-progress since the beginning of the year. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. More to come.


Karen said...

That really turned out to be a charming and efficient makeover. Love the hardware and the basket. I hope you are getting your rest and are ready for this exciting arrival.


HotMess said...
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Lisa said...

Big, huge congrats to you and Eddie, Alison! ASH and I were thrilled to hear that Baby S has arrived. Can't wait to see & hear more whenever you can spare some time off Cloud Nine.