a new toy.

My first big girl camera arrived over the weekend and I'm really excited. Lookey!
I have always owned Sony cameras. I will forever love my little, pink Cyber-shot, which, by trial-and-error, has taught me some very elementary things about photography. It's helped me get my feet wet, dabble with my creativity and attempt some blog-worthy photos. Some people have so-so experiences with Sony cameras, but not me. I highly recommend these little guys.

For some time now, I've been shopping big girl cameras; something semi-pro for beginners that you know, might be good, for say... photographing babies. Or food. Or party details. I researched a lot. I listened to the valued opinions of several of my favorite bloggers. In the past several months, one of my favorite photographers - a Canon devotee, nonetheless - recommended the Nikon D3100, and because he knows me, knows what I like and knows my lifestyle, I heeded his advice.

Plus, my dad's a Nikon guy. He's not a professional photographer, but he's pretty darn good for being self-taught, and he gave it two thumbs up.

Oh, and nice camera = nice camera bag, of course. My favorite VIP equipment-type bags are Crumplers. I've got a small camera bag and a laptop bag that function and look as good as they did five years ago, and I purchased this for my new Nikon (lime green lining!).

I got to play with it on Friday at Eddie's surprise birthday fiesta (scroll down to see pics), and I'm off to study the user's manual with great pleasure and anticipation for all the new things I've yet to learn. I'm still pinching myself.

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Jenn said...

Yah for a fun new camera!

We bought a D3100 right after Christmas and I LOVE it! I was actually thinking I would want the even nicer version of this camera, but this was recommended by a few people as perfect for what I use it for. And, it is completely awesome.

Have fun! :)