building for the babe (ish).

There was a time in my life when I loathed IKEA. Haven't we all been there? Before I bought into it's simplistic way-of-design, I was frustrated by... the store's layout, the DIY for every. single. item... the self check-out. I didn't even like the cafe.
Who was that person? After years of window shopping, I am officially an IKEA fan. I understand the ins and outs of the store, appreciate the DIY factor and actually enter the store through the cafe, just so I can pick up a soda and candy (or maybe a soft serve) to keep me company while I browse.

Picking up from a post long, long ago (srsly... January?), we finally purchased and assembled two Expedit cubes, which, side-by-side, will serve as the babe's changing table and storage - for her and for some office-type stuff. For months, I searched for an alternative, but I kept coming back to this shelving system, because it afforded us storage that we could customize, change and use in other spaces for years to come.

I read instructions and was the co-pilot; Eddie assembled. Not too much effort for a Sunday afternoon.
Since everything IKEA involves assembly, we also put together a few storage baskets and boxes to fill the cubbies. Stuffing them with goodies is on this week's list.

More on the room this week; come back for a before-and-after chair!

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Karen said...

I used to hate (maybe too strong a word?) Ikea but then when Mr. B had a long term work assignment in the Bay Area we relied on Ikea and I actually found several items I really thought were fabulous. You can't beat some of their bookshelves and stackables.
I hope you'll show us pics of bebe's/Eddie's room/study soon!