blue painter's tape.

In the not-so-glam category, our weekends have involved a lot of blue painter's tape. Not so much for painting (although there's been a little of this and that), but for heavy duty organizing.
We are still a work in progress, and blue painter's tape has become my best friend. I have found all sorts of ways to use it, and yesterday, it was a label-making machine.
I highly recommend it because it's so non-permanent and never leaves sticky residue when removed. It's just so reliable, and, frankly, it's fun to write on with a Sharpie.
All this organization is a means for making space, and it feels so good, but it also feels never-ending. As more stuff goes down to the garage, we are bringing in more [fun] stuff to replace it.

Here's a quick update: days include lots of list making and list crossing. Eddie and my dad spent last weekend doing some much-needed touch-ups around the house and most exciting: the crib is up. We're patiently awaiting all the pieces to come together, and it would be nice if it all happened soon. As in the next week. They weren't kidding about the third trimester energy drain.

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Karen said...

LOL, you have read about the "organization" bug that bites just before delivery haven't you?

Love the idea of using the blue tape for labels.

Rest, dear friend,