before and after: my grandma's club chair.

My grandma was a card shark. My favorite thing about her house was her card table and tiny club chairs, where we spent so many hours visiting over food, grade school projects and Wheel of Fortune. This was no fold-out card table. This was an elegantly detailed and ornate footed table that could be raised and lowered, but it usually sat in its card-playing position, low to the ground, with its four small club chairs, perfectly sized for grandchildren. And card games.

It was the center of her living space, and the anchor for so many shared memories.

My mom, aunt, cousin and I each got one of the four club chairs, and for years, I've been dreaming about what to do with mine. It has been patiently awaiting its rescue in my brother's garage, and about a month ago, I decided there would be no better place for it than in the babe's nursette.

With the help of my sweet, genius designer friend Emily of GEORGE Interior Design, it got a face lift in the form of a white cotton/linen slipcover, piped in a textured cotton oatmeal. Yum.
This slipcovered Savannah Armchair from PB served as inspiration. Since I don't have a tiny ottoman, I may eventually have one made, or try to find something perfectly proportioned to accompany my new little chair. The best part about it... whenever I want to be reminded of my grandma's green chair, I just lift up its skirt and there it is. And, of course, I can always throw it in the wash. Bonus!
Oh, and a little sneak peak: the orange kidney bean pillow matches the babe's crib bumper, made by Rocky Top Design. It's all coming together! More on the way.


mary said...


Karen said...

What a lovely memory...love the slipcover!

Jenn said...

This looks great! I love the pleats ... and what a lovely way to include your grandmother in the babies life :).

Saara {www.varv.ca} said...

Love love love that you were able to use such an sentimental chair in your nursette! It looks fabulous!

Emily @ GEORGE Interior Design said...

I can't take any credit for this chair dear, it was your beautiful vision in every way! I had no idea just how special it really was and am totally captivated by the card table description as well. I'm dying to see the full nursery reveal (and the baby "S" reveal as well:)!!