9 mos. in: can't-live-withouts.

Let's keep it real: the whole feet swelling thing is so very, very real as d-day approaches. It's not even heat-related, at this point. It's just... there. Everyday. And, I absolutely cannot live without these Havianas flip flips, from Ann Taylor Loft.

They were a mother's day gift from my mother-in-law, and my smart husband advised her to buy up from my normal size. And they are a life saver because sadly, most of my flip flops are too small or too tight. Including my favorites in the entire universe.

They were cute enough to wear in and out of the office (with my ballet flats under my desk on standby) and around town, and not feel... well, frankly, like a balloon.

I also cannot live without Multi Grain Cheerios. Must eat within 5-10 minutes of eyes opening in the morning. It's such a must that it's a bit of a house emergency if we are running low on milk. And, while we're on the subject, I cannot live without milk, either.

Speaking of protein, I discovered these heavenly bars that have been such a savior for the late afternoon hunger pang. It's the one thing I can eat that does not cause heartburn when in Down Dog. They are good, filling and packed with the really good stuff women need, like folic acid, calcium, iron, fiber and well, protein.

With all these good nutrients flowing through your body, hair grows. Thicker and faster. I've also read that when pregnant, hair doesn't fall out in massive quantities like you're used to (gone: clumps in the shower). Which, is great if you're like me and suffered from fine, thin hair for eternity. And this simple fact has caused a fundamental shift in the hair tie department: rubber bands with teeth.

Teeth? I did not know such a thing existed when it comes to rubber bands.

These bands from Goody are my new favorites. I highly recommend them to anyone searching for a reliable hair tie for just about any hair type. Great for the gym.

And, to close with something sweet... my daily treat is a little gold wrapper of butterscotch goodness. I kept a stash in my office that was shared with my coworkers, and they went fast. I also learned from our birthing coach that clear-ish, hard candy is also good in labor because you really can't eat anything once you get to the hospital, and when water and ice don't sound good - but the mouth is dry - some hard candy can do the trick. Note to self: pick up a labor-specific candy stash for the hospital bag.

Note to self: maybe pack a hospital bag before thinking about candy.

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michelle Oyler said...

love your post!
morgan turned 28 yesterday and i remember it so vividly. wish i was as prepared as you are. i went to a dr. appt, alone, driving a convertible, 2 weeks late and was so surprised to hear that "it was time"! talk about not being ready!!! i had nothing with me.
your candy sounds like a "WIN"! and your hairbands are my favorite. the only thing that works with my crazy hair.
can't wait to rub your belly one last time! let's see each other soon. love and hugs!