weekend ritual.

I cannot believe it's May. But, in a good way. I'm anxious for summer, and especially for July, and after our first real beach weekend in what feels like months, it feels closer than ever. As with most Saturday afternoons, sun or no sun, we usually toast with a turkey sandwich. This time, we enjoyed lunch with a crystal clear view of the ocean, before tackling a few lingering projects as it relates to space-making and organizing for the babe.
Like... cleaning out the garage, which is much easier to do on a full stomach. Today's stuffy nose is proof of the dust found, swept and discarded (thanks to Eddie) and old space found for new... stuff.

We (well, mostly Eddie) put a first coat of paint on an old television stand that we're planning to use in the office / nursette and I'm on the hunt for hardware. Cute knobs make things so much cuter. Will certainly have before and after photos, soon!

We have a few other spaces to cleanse, and that's what's in store for the next week or so. Until then, we're picking up items for the room, one-by-one, and things are slowly starting to come together. Which is good, because although I'm not paralyzed by the July deadline of baby, it's, you know, like, there. Would be nice to get the space together before then, wouldn't it?

Oh, by the way, we ended our Saturday with one of our favorite simple, summer-ish pasta dishes, which I'll have to share with you this week!

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