Sometimes, we learn new things about our mates. Like last week, when I re-attached a button on one of Eddie's [cute, pink] dress shirts. I don't know if he ever really knew that I knew how to stitch.
I learned to sew on the machine in 7th grade, but like the piano, the knowledge I gained has been lost over years of neglect. I still know how to sew a button or two. Not that it's hard. But, it's rewarding, isn't it?

As I was stitching, I realized how soothing it is, especially when I'm accompanied by my grandmother's sewing kit; one of the many things she left behind that I will treasure forever (including my love for the retro step stool). Every time I open it up, I pick through it like it's the first time I've seen it. Like I can find something new about her that I didn't know.

But, as soon as I do, I realize that I've seen this box a million times. I can picture her, with needle tucked in her teeth and measuring tape wrapped around her wrist. And it makes me feel good. Come take a look inside.
Pretty cool, right? I wonder how old that Tropicana Resort & Casino mini kit is. It probably goes as far back as that 45-pack of needles that cost a whole 29 cents. I will never run out of emergency thread, needles, scissors or thimbles. This will get passed onto our little girl.

BTW, here's Eddie's shirt, left button re-attached and ready to go. I love this one.

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Anonymous said...

So cute! Lovely way of passing on your Grandmother's legacy to your next generation!
Do you hold pins and needles in your teeth and bite off thread from the rolls?