8-month musings.

The little bump turned 8 months yesterday. Eight months! Where did time go? We are down to the wire with projects around the house, like finding space for all the wonderful things my thoughtful friends and family are showering us with, for which we are so, so grateful.
{kee-ka organic bodysuits}
It's very surreal to look at this new 'stuff' as ours; and I'm not just talking about the cute little onesies that Eddie brings home (he has such good taste!). I'm talking about the gear - the stuff that makes caring for baby easier, safer, healthier and in lots of cases... fun. As we piece together our old life with the new, now's probably a good time for some reflection.

I cannot take credit for this idea; I was inspired by Megan, via my best friend Amanda, who, after posting this, wrote me a lovely, encouraging note, recommending Megan's blog and this particular post. As usual, Amanda's caring words and advice came at a perfect time, and since then, I've been journaling pregnancy here and there.

This is life, at eight months along:

+ toasted english muffins with peanut butter can make any day better.
+ water is a different drink when paired with a lemon wedge.
+ chicken is touch-and-go.
+ drooling is fabulous.
+ is it possible to fall more in love with your mate? Try being pregnant. I've heard it only gets better.
+ the prego loss-of-memory thing: it's real.
+ as is swelling of the hands and feet when the weather is warm.
+ dear sleep: I won't get frustrated with you when I don't get my way (I frown as I type this, but, it's reality).
+ baby registry must be conquered w/girlfriends (thanks Staci, Rebecca, Katie and Christine).
+ spicy tuna on crispy rice: I'll see you in two months.
+ will I ever crave wine again? Ever?
+ in Trikonasana, I have never felt more like my old self.
+ things I have learned to live with, but will never love: weigh-ins, urine samples and blood draws. Yuck!
+ cannot live without these or these.
+ everyone has an opinion. On everything baby-related. Salt grains are helpful here.
+ coca butter is not for everyone, despite the hype. Sensitive skin need not apply.
+ it turns out that walking, as an exercise, is not really that boring. It's pretty nice. Especially with a partner.
+ it's okay to ask for help when you need it. And that feels good.
+ liberating: never having to have the 'who's going to be our designated driver tonight'-conversation; not getting distracted by window displays - why look? Nothing will fit; early evening dinners - they make the day seem so much longer, especially when you turn into a pumpkin at 9 p.m.
+ DIY projects - like painting furniture - should be reserved for the second trimester (and not the third). And a mask is a must. So is a really helpful partner. Like, say, a husband or a really good friend.
+ people are kind. Especially to those with bump.

I feel noticeably different in body, mind and spirit than I did back in the beginning. Life is good at eight months.


Karen said...

Dear Alison,
You looked absolutely radiant yesterday and you handled everyone's stories and advice with grace.
Don't forget to show us baby's space when it's finished.

Ashley said...

I can't wait to bump into you again around Manhattan Beach! Especially in 8 short weeks! Good luck with everything if I don't see you until baby has arrived.
-Ashley Areyan