a work in progress.

Blogging is so rewarding... and fun... and fulfilling... and... I could go on and on. It's also challenging. In a good way.

Lately, I've been struggling with finding my voice, as I know it's changed, as life changes and as I've changed, even in the last few months. It's got me thinking, and a little frustrated. Do any of you bloggers ever feel that way?

There's been days, even weeks, when I feel I'm on a roll. Inspiration literally pours out of every pore; I cannot type fast enough. And then, there are weeks, like this one, where I struggle. Like a running news ticker, questions roll through my head (and are forced upon my dear husband / editor): Is this interesting? Is this content original? Is the content meaningful? Is it too personal? Is it not personal enough? Are the images pretty? Is there a good balance? Have I lost my balance?

And then, last night, while sweating through Warrior Three and Half Moon, I found my balance. Which is weird, with all this new, extra weight, to feel so grounded on one leg. But, there I was. Sturdy and strong. And it felt so good.

Feeling balanced, I can still hear my yoga instructor's voice, "Sometimes, it's good to fall out of a pose, because it gives us the opportunity to get back into it again."

Which reminds me, that writing is good, even if it's a topic, like this one, that's about struggling to write. As my friend Amanda sweetly explained to me, we all have these kinds of days and weeks, and sometimes we need to take a break - whether it's from work, working out or other things that tug at your time and your energy. And sometimes, we must free ourselves of whatever that is so we can get back on the mat and try again.

So, that's the goal for this day, and this weekend; to find that centered balance and free myself. Continue writing. Maybe take some photos. Maybe not. And I'm okay with that.
Happy April. Have a lovely weekend, friends. Thank you, as always, for reading and listening.


ashley maureen said...

i definitely have my moments like that. i hate going through life wondering if what i'm doing is 'blogworthy'. i don't want to live like that! i think it's important to take breaks to remain centered.

mary said...

amen. know just what you're feeling! have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

Karen said...


Been there, your writing is so inspiring and heartfelt...it's okay to need a few days once in awhile to recharge your batteries!