new wknd recipe: panko-crusted salmon.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a happy Easter. Growing up, it wasn't the candy, but it was the bunny thing that really sparked my love for this holiday. Even more than Christmas. I really loved bunnies back in the day.

Years later, it's about the start of a new season, the passage of Lent, a celebration of our anniversary and the hope for another wonderful year. In 2012, with a little one all our own, I'm sure the meaning of Easter will quickly revert to bunnies and candy. But I'm totally okay - and yes, excited - for that. Because, when you see the Easter glow of your nephew and niece as they hunt eggs, it just really can't be beat.

For the last fish Friday of the season, we actually made a new weekend recipe. That makes two in April (remember the scones?). Things are getting crazy around here!

Inspired by Annie Eats' post on this BC recipe, I finally tried something from How Easy Is That? And yes, it's easy and yes, a keeper.

To try it for yourself, you can find the full recipe on Annie Eats, or you can flip to page 152 of the newest Barefoot Contessa. Besides getting your hands on some beautiful wild salmon, I think the secret to this dish is really good dijon mustard - this is our favorite.

If you've never used Panko, and aren't sure where to find it, try your local Trader Joe's. If you're a Panko fan, and want another excuse to cook with it, try this.

We paired the salmon with two favorite go-to's: balsamic-marinated cucumber, tomato and red onion chopped salad and baked sweet potato fries. It made for one good, cozy Friday night in.

PS: Thanks to The Chic Line for introducing me to Annie Eats. This is another recipe I have flagged for follow up. Yowza.


ashley maureen said...

looks wonderful! we did a simple shrimp & pasta dish with olive oil, tomatoes and fresh herbs. i think part of me will miss the forced meatless fridays... there are so many good fish recipes!

Karen said...

I'm so happy to have a recommendation recipe from Ina's new book. I've not tried a single recipe...not sure why. You've given me the inspiration I needed, thanks, Alison!

Alison said...

Now that I think about it, you were really into bunnies when you were little, as was I-- although I had a big crush on your dog.

Hope you're doing well and feeling energetic-- so many people I know are expecting!