monday super special.

Today is our second anniversary. Before I give up my newlywed-title, which I've extended well past the first year mark (note to self: update blog profile), I want to feel a little of the day's magic. It's also nice to remind myself of what I looked like two years ago. The 2011 version is so different.

Thanks for indulging me, friends!
I love you, Eddie. Happy anniversary. PS: our wedding was a freaking blast, wasn't it?!

All photos by Amy & Stuart.


ashley maureen said...

love it! happiest second anniversary to you two. what an exciting time. thanks for sharing more of your photos!

mary said...

aww love these so much!! happy anniversary!!!

Jenn said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful wedding day! Happy Anniversary! :)

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Eddie! What great pictures and memories. To many, many more celebrations...

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary! It's hard to believe its been 2 years. Enjoy!

michelle said...

OMG! why haven't i seen all these amazing photos. so beautiful and magical!
happy annivesary, al & ed. wishing you sweet memories and a lifetime of love and laughs.
missing you. can't wait to rub your belly, soon!