mmm... gelato.

Can you believe that there's an ice cream shop in our neighborhood that's almost three years old that we just visited for the first time? It's a gelato shop, to be exact and it. is. good.

I'm in love with Pacuigo Gelato Caffe in Hermosa. We've been told by so many how yummy it is, and on a spur-of-the-moment mid-week date night, we finally tasted, and we agree. Made fresh everyday, with milk (vs. butter or cream or ... anything else), this gelato is at least 70% less fat than regular ice cream, and some fruity flavors are even fat free.

Have you heard of this gelato shop? I discovered it has several locations all over the U.S. (and Mexico!).
Don't mind if I do... Amarena Black Cherry Swirl (with a side of Cookie Dough - it's nearly impossible for me to resist cookie dough, of any kind).

This sweet treat reminded me a little bit of Kilauea Ice Cream. Brittny at Pacuigo promised she'd have some Lychee in one of these days.

PS: Date night started here. Highly recommend, especially on Two-for-One Tuesdays and especially during happy hour.

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brenna said...

just went her last night! ah-mazing! i had the black sesame, salted caramel, and super rich chocolate. really unbelievable, and didn't coat your tongue with thick fatty cream as some places do. go pacuigo!