MB Post.

Just when I couldn't love Manhattan Beach any more, the Simmzy's guys opened up a new restaurant on our anniversary (what a treat!) last week. It made for one lovely and yummy evening.
The Manhattan Beach Post, or MB Post for short, is the town's newest gem, and it's unlike anything else we have. It's not just a restaurant. It's an experience. A Social House, if you will, that's the vision of the Simms' brothers and chef - South Bay local - David LeFevre.

Erected in the original Manhattan Beach Post Office from back in the day, the restaurant stands with the same flooring, ceiling, beams, walls and windows of the Post Office. There's even a drink named for the Postman's dog, Old George. Just two blocks from the sand, the facade of the restaurant is dressed with sliding doors, which slide completely open so you can enjoy the sunset and an ocean breeze while you dine.

Filled with antique-this and vintage-that, it's a feast for all the senses, and before you can even sit down, you're enamored by the rustic warmth and communal vibe of this totally hip place - that doesn't even care if it's hip. It's that cool.

Now... onto the food. It's small plates. Tapas is not the right description, because it's so much more than Mediterranean-style bites; it's bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits with maple butter; grilled romaine and radicchio; slow steamed tai snapper and so much more. A new menu is customized for each day, and if you make a reservation, well, you get to take home a little piece of mail, addressed especially for you.
Served on acacia wood platters, in Staub cast iron cookware and wire-bale jars, your napkin looks like it was cut from a grain sack, and you're greeted by flickering blue mason jars at each table. You had me at hello.
From top to bottom, we enjoyed fleur de sel pretzel bites; beluga lentil, shrimp and chorizo soup; pomegranate couscous; blistering green beans; and buttermilk marinated organic fried chicken.

The grand finale was the three point tart with macerated strawberries and rhubarb and buttermilk panna cotta, which, I'm sorry to say, went unphotographed because I could not help myself. I will never go there and not order this dessert. I mean, there's cream cheese blended into the dough.
I cannot wait to go back. Like, maybe this weekend, and especially, in a few months when I can sample and report back on booze... seriously salivating over their unique and creative cocktails, hand-crafted beers and wine list.

Go check it out for yourself. There's a bar area and communal tables to share. If you're hungry for a table for two (or more), call to make reservations. The neighborhood loves this place. And it's only been a week.


Krisa said...

love it! the beluga lentil soup and blistering green beans were my fave. next time try the bacon onion tart if it's on the menu. yay! can't wait to go there w/ you two. xo-

Lisa said...

Thank you for this recommendation, Alison -- I knew that we went to the right person for Manhattan Beach dining ideas! Amy and I had an unforgettably delicious little girls' dinner at MB Post last night, and I've been checking your blog to see what delicious photos you were going to post. They are as good as the actual dishes themselves!

Karen said...

Lucky you! I have GOT to visit MB!

Betsy said...

Well I guess we need to come visit soon! This place sounds right up my alley. Miss you guys and your always welcome in KC. Need to talk soon.

brenna said...

this looks amazing! my husband and i have been dying to try it! it is gorgeous from the outside, and from the looks of the food, the inside too! can't wait!