Over the weekend, I stumbled into a new territory: mommy blogs. Yikes. It all happened so fast.
{OXO baby gear :: feeding spoon set; fork + spoon settot plate; tot bowl set}
I was watching the news in the early evening on Saturday, and a feature story caught my eye: a new online baby 'book' that is the digital equivalent of those bulky and time-consuming scrapbooks that I was in love with in the 90s. We all were, weren't we?

I gave up scrapbooking years ago, and am on the verge of finally purging our house of stickers, die-cuts and the like. And it feels great, except that, from time to time, I wonder how I'll ever find a book that I like (that's not homemade) for... down the road, you know, for the baby's book. I'm very picky about these sorts of things.

NBC came to the rescue and introduced me to My Own Little Story, the brain child of a Manhattan Beach mom. Yes - Manhattan Beach! So, here I was, on a Saturday evening, poking around this website, trying to decide if I could be into something like this (and for the record, I think I totally could be) and stumbled onto Rookie Moms.

This is a whole new world, and I'm glad to have found it. Up until now, I haven't really read much in the way of books or online, and right about now seems like a good time to start. Plus, I think I'll like these girls:

"We have a secret. Staying at home with a baby all day can be boring. That's why we started this blog."


Coincidentally, the next day, we toured the hospital at which we plan to deliver, and 'tis all becoming a bit more real. In an exciting way. Like knowing where, as the tour guide explained, 'dad will drop off mom and then re-park the car,' because, you know, it all happens exactly the way the tour guide says it will...

To any new moms, or those expecting: any blog recommendations on this topic that I should be following now that I'm settling into a bump of 6.5 months?

My favorite bloggers who occasionally write on the topic of child and motherhood:
+ Lovely Morning
+ Making it Lovely
+ Paper & Ink
+ Marta Writes

I'm also loving:
+ Sharing pregnancy with bloggers like The Haystack Needle
{frolic!} and Making It Lovely on Babble Family Style, which you can follow here and here, respectively.

PS: Thanks, all, for your kind words and sweet thoughts on Friday. You make me smile!

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Karen said...

I'm depending on you and your power of vetting out the baby sites...as g-ma I've got to stay up with what my little granddaughter might need/want! :-)