welcome, weekend.

It's been a pretty gray week in Southern California, so I cheered myself up with my first bunch of ranunculus for the season.
They just make me so happy, and I can never decide what my favorite color is, which is probably how we ended up with multi-colored-filled mason jars at our wedding.

Which reminds me: I'm so looking forward to April and all its springtime goodness. It's quickly become my favorite month, and when the skies are clear, I can literally take myself back to this time, three years ago, when we got engaged and felt such excitement, happiness and general sunshine. To have been married in our now-home town, where I can take a walk and literally, taste a piece of our wedding day is really special. We are so lucky.

As this will be our last anniversary before babe, we're hoping to do something fun to celebrate year no. 2 next month. Planning is underway and I'm counting down.

I'm also counting down to 5 p.m. today, which is the norm for most Fridays, for most everyone, yes? If you need some pretty reads to help get you there, check these out:

+ Beautiful Houston wedding at SMP. Loving the burlap garland.
+ Wet 'n wild themed-birthday party, this time for kids only. Good inspiration for us adults.
+ Longing for Portland, now more than ever: {frolic!} is offering a spring flower class!
+ Two beauties from House of Turquoise: dream house and dream nursery, at separate addresses.
+ Totally inspiring laundry room. Love the rug, love the sunlight, love the colors. Love everything.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


mary said...

we got engaged in april too, which i just love!!


Thanks for the link love, and so glad to have discovered your lovely blog! I adore ranunculus too...agree that they're the perfect way to welcome the weekend! xo