the perfect tank and then some.

At least in my world, these days. What makes me feel pretty is what makes me feel comfortable, and these tanks are soft, good quality and don't stretch out like some other tanks out there. Even when you're wearing and stretching them often (read: almost every day).
{Sleeveless Scoop Neck Tank from A Pea in the Pod}
And, bonus: they're two-for-one right now, online and in stores.

I haven't made too many maternity-wear purchases, but lately, another affordable cotton top I'm loving - that's actually not maternity - is this striped tee from Target. It's light weight, stretchy and long enough for those with bump. Cute enough for all.

In the footwear department: I was told by brilliant sister-in-law no. 2 not to invest in any fabulous shoes during this special time in my life, because, well, feet swell and shoes stretch. And, by the way, I now believe her. In the last week, shoes and rings feel ... tighter. Everything does, but this is a new thing.
{the city flat :: the metallic city flat :: patent city flat, all from gap}
I can not, however, resist these on-sale ballet flats from The Gap. I mean, can you? The soles are even split, just like your favorite Capezio.

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Karen said...

Another bonus to buying relatively inexpensive baby bump garments---by the time you deliver you will be sick of all of it! :-)