friday ritual.

Having a pregnancy belly invites all sorts of interesting babe-related questions. One common question that I get asked is, "what do you miss most?" Referring to, of course, life pre-pregnancy.

The truth is, the bump life is rich and full in so many new ways, that it's hard to focus on what you're missing when life is changing by the minute. This week, though, it hit me: what I miss most about pre-pregnancy life is our Friday ritual: cocktails at sunset.
It's not the booze that I miss (although, a marg sure sounds good). I'm talking about the ritual of winding down the week, with my husband, as the sun sets over the ocean. It's so soothing, and something that really, for the past seven or so years, we've enjoyed together whenever we can.

So, tomorrow, I'm bringing it back with enthusiasm because life is just too short to forgo a Friday ritual. I have a mocktail in mind that will fill a wine glass beautifully ... specifically: Giada's Champagne Sangria, minus the Champagne (with sparkling water as substitute). Hoping to get the ingredients prepped tonight.

Cheers to a great Friday (it's almost here!), hopefully with a ritual of your own.

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Karen said...

There is something so comforting about life's little rituals. Your substitute beverage sounds delicious.
Happy Friday (tomorrow):-)