Ah, the breakfast sandwich. I first sampled the bacon, egg + cheese in New York, after a fabulous late night out in my early 20s with my two best friends. At the time, it was washed down by lots of laughs and orange Gatorade (we were lacking all kinds of electrolytes). Ten+ years later, I don't treat myself to the b'fast sandwich all that often. But, on our quick trip to Scottsdale over the weekend, I enjoyed the tasty treat that took me all the way back to Battery Park.
Our weekend getaway was filled mostly with work, but we managed to visit Olive & Ivy twice; once for dinner and once the following morning for the breakfast sandwich (oh, and a scone to go... for later, of course). It was all kinds of wonderful, with loads of treats for the senses, with a hip, Mediterranean-style restaurant on one side, and a smaller-scale Bristol Farms-esque marketplace on the other (which was a great post-dinner stop for banana gelato for the walk home, btw).

After scouting out the breakfast menu the night prior, we returned to Olive & Ivy for more goodness (that, and the babe needed some protein, which is always a good reason to indulge in my book). The grown up breakfast sandwich was served on a soft bun, topped by creamy slices of avocado, with a side of breakfast potatoes sprinkled with coarse sea salt. In short: yum. And, PS: the scone? Perfection.

I wanted to tuck the restaurant into my pocket and bring it back to California with me. I also could have stayed a few extra days to sample its sister restaurants, on the same city block: Culinary Dropout and Sauce. Next time.

PS: if you're heading to AZ anytime soon (or TX or CO, for that matter), check out the restaurant group.

And, double PS: if you're a bride (or not), in Scottsdale, you might fall in love with this Melissa Sweet gown that's currently dressing the windows at Priscilla of Boston, like I did. Sigh.


Krisa said...

Ah, the bacon, egg & cheese! Will never forget that weekend. "Staci, what's in the bag...?" :)
Thanks for sharing the yuumy grown-up version...makes me want to take a road trip to AZ!

Karen said...

True Food, one of this companies restaurants are in Fashion Island, next time your in O.C. I'll have to have K & J take me to try NORTH in Austin next time I'm visiting.

Yummy! Thanks,