spring is in the air.

Happy Friday! I hope you have an extended holiday weekend ahead of you like I do. Exhale.

I caved and went maternity clothing shopping last night. It is nice to have pants that fit, I must say. Afterwards, I brightened up the night with a quick stroll through my local Pottery Barn and it made me so happy. Have you checked it out lately? It's full of spring inspiration.

Which reminds me: this really is my favorite time of year.
{reclaimed wood barrel planters; easter nest with eggs}
{bird nest charger; mitchell cubby organizers}
{park hill window pane lanterns; oversized rattan tray}
Natural textures, cheery colors, fresh blooms, pops of greenery and lots of white is what this season means to me (all that, plus our wedding anniversary!). Happy weekend, all!

PS: If you are in the same minimalist maternity clothing universe that I'm in, you must check out Making It Lovely's fashion guide before you shop (I'm also thanking her in advance for her nursing style guide). She has good timing - all this, and she also just had a baby boy. Super woman. Felicidades!


Karen said...

Love the lanterns...I recently featured these same lanterns on my site. Lanterns, sigh.

Becs said...

Love the Easter eggs!