on my mind.

Lately, I've enjoyed some wee-morning-hours of thought provoking conversation with myself, from finishing changing my name (hello, 1.5 yrs. later) to weeding out my window boxes. Usually around 3 a.m. Here's what's going on up top:

+ Spring. I can't wait for it. Number one reason: ranunculus.
+ Eddie's home office: images coming soon. I'm dreaming of ways to make it more functional (and pretty, but masculine). And conducive to adding, say ... a crib and some sort of dresser/shelving/changing table situation. All for a bargain price, of course.

+ Church. Going to it for the first time in 2011 would be good this weekend. So much to be thankful for.

+ Capiz shell wind chimes: alternative to a mobile?

+ Seeing Black Swan before it leaves the theaters.

+ Shoes. Need more flats, to be exact. I see a trip to DSW in my future.

+ Our garage. Our closets. Everything needs a good spring cleaning. Preferably before the DSW outing.

+ Valentine's. I don't want to repeat last year's, but I can't help but love pairing homemade cards with these Paper Source envelopes.

Here's to more day dreaming and midnight conversations. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

PS: I'm tickled pink that frolic! was tickled pink. OMG!


{av} said...

yay for spring and especially for ranunculus! I hear you on church...we desperately need to get there this weekend! crossing fingers you can have a productive "cleanse" before a well-deserved DSW trip :) xoxo {av}

Victoria said...

Ranunculus are a fabulous introduction to spring and those Valentines cards would be just perfect!

Alison said...

We don't have a Paper Source in Philly (yet! They're opening one in a month or so down the street from me!) but I was in Princeton earlier this week babysitting my nephews, and I had to restrain myself from spending tons of cash-- I now see why you're obsessed with them! They're fab.

Hope you're doing well and congrats on the wonderful news!

Karen said...

Love ranuculss...especially white ones.
Spring cleaning has been on my mind too...are we jumping the gun, its January!

Monique said...

Love the Capiz idea...I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate a capiz lamp or chandolier in into my nursery....I am curious as to what you come up with!!