office space.

We're in the market for a new desk setup / system for Eddie's office, which will become a combo office + nursette. The room is not huge, so we're planning for white furniture that offers some storage to (A) open it up as much as possible and (B) allow the furniture to do some double duty.
Here's a snapshot of the inspiration board I started on Pinterest, and I'll continue to add more, so hop on over and check it out. I'm clipping images and products I like, based on a few things:

+ we're renters, so we're not interested in making big furniture investments just to fit any one specific room.
+ we know we like white, and it works.
+ we like re-purposing what we have and using it in different ways, so we're hoping that will save us some $.
+ if I could, I'd pour all my $ into a sleek office chair to glam up a desk. After the holidays, I found an affordable alternative at World Market in white ($129, now on sale for $99 + 10% off coupon = $89). We're storing it in the garage until we find it a perfect home.
+ the office is a cool, icy blue/gray - Olympic's Breakwater, to be exact. The color of Eddie's office will not change, no matter the baby's sex. We heart blue.


Peggy and Fritz said...

I'm a renter too and like you cannot afford to pour money into something that might not work for another space. I just saw that desk yesterday from World Market and actually snapped a picture of it. I was going to blog about it with the Parson's desk from West Elm. Perfect choice, love the desk you got. I use the Parson's dining table if you can believe it as my desk because I like the oversized feel but for smaller spaces I love the World Market one - it looks more expensive and with that couple major score.

Karen said...

I love your selections! The desk is perfect. World Market has some amazing things---like the gray wicker chairs (KOOBOO) that I'm longing for for the patio.
Can't wait to see it all pulled together. I'm with you, paint color should be something you love instead of the days of "oh, it's a girl, must be pink!"

Saara {www.varv.ca} said...

I love your ideas! I wanted to share that Ballard Designs has desk options that look similar to your pottery barn photo and the first pic with the dark top/white bottom - or I should say you can mix and match that way. :) Can't wait to see how it turns out!

ps. while i'm still writing at GEORGE off and on, I've started another blog and hope you'll check it out!

Have a good week!