office space shared.

Thank you for all your feedback yesterday! As mentioned, Eddie's office will become an office + nursette combo, and I want the whole room to feel like one, versus: to the right is office, to the left is baby. I want him to feel like he has his own, professional space that's not being taken over by Diapers.com. That's my goal. At least For now.

My designer friend, Emily, had a beautiful baby girl in December, and captured the transformation of their eating nook-to-nursette on her design blog, which serves as my ultimate inspiration. She's a professionally-trained design genius who shares a similar home to ours: small beach rental (in the best little beach town in the world, I might add). And, what she does, I love. With space, with consignment finds, with paint, fabric and texture. 

With Selby's nursette in mind, I clipped a few other inspiring images on Pinterest:
You know, just a little day dreaming. Are you noticing a crib crush? This is my current love of the moment.


Erin said...

Hi Alison! Love the inspiration and ideas - can't wait to see the final product. I would take a look a craigslist.org for your crib. I always see great deals on cribs there. I actually bought all or my baby furniture from there - saved a TON of money and all it really needed was a little TLC and disinfecting cleaner (I of course got a new mattress and changing pad). Have fun designing/decorating! XOXO,Erin

Saara {www.varv.ca} said...

Jenny Lind right? Love those too!

Sarah Miller said...

Good to hear you have turned your "baby" room into an office as well. The concept of shared office space is really great. I first learned it from http://mybrothersoffice.com/ and I'm thrilled to see its applications.