friday food.

I was hooked by a few food ideas this week, and have some Friday recipe links to share with you:

+ Martha's Clementine Cake; a mix of citrus and real vanilla beans, via Camille Styles. Yum.

+ Another great Orangette recommendation from Marion Cunningham's The Breakfast Book: Fresh Ginger Muffins. I've read that ginger helps soothe the tummy, and I've been addicted to it the last few months. As if I wasn't before.

+ A new, fabulous website from Big Girls Small Kitchen! There are loads of new features and pages to pour through. Don't mind if I get cozy with my laptop and their Grilled Cheddar Sandwich with Pears and Pecans.

+ Do you know what 'tis Pavlova? Ok, not from a blog, but from The BC (a stored-up DVR'd recording, which was new to me this week): Mixed Berry Pavlova. For the how-to video on the clouds of meringue, topped with whipped cream and smothered in berries, click here. Yes: clouds + whipped + smothered.

I promise to try my hand at at least one of the recipes listed above. Soon. I'm leaning towards the muffins. Or the cake.

Happy weekend!


{av} said...

how yummy does that clementine cake look!? oh my! happy weekend to you too :) xoxo {av}

Karen said...

Yummy, the cake and the muffins sound divine. Thanks for the heads up on these recipes.

Saara said...

that clementine cake with vanilla sounds delish!!