she knows me well.

On Sunday, I got such an unexpected surprise. My best friend Erin gifted me four very vintage mason jars, from her grandmother's collection. I just love them.
They all have a little more bell-jar shape to the ones you more commonly find today. They're unique, they came from a wonderful person and I'll treasure them always. The large blue jar came with a vintage Miracle Whip screw-top. The woman clearly speaks my language b/c I am, and always will be, a Miracle Whip kind-of-gal.

My favorite: the Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason, pictured to the far right.

PS: If you missed it, Snipped & Ink captured mason jars at our wedding beautifully.


{av} said...

i. am. so. jealous. these are perfect! congrats again on the s&i feature :) you look positively stunning! xoxo {av}

michelle said...

what to fill them with? vintage buttons, spools of thread, beads, dice/dominoes, doggie cookies, peppermints,......
oh, the ideas are endless. i love them!

Karen said...

I love the pretty aqua mason jars. I can imagine your table set with these beauties filled with wild flowers.