last minute, easy hostess gift. wrapping suggestion included.

Two years ago around this time, a little brown box wrapped in baker's twine arrived at our doorstep. Inside, we found packets of gourmet hot cocoa and giant marshmallows. We devoured the warm treat, but I've held onto the brilliant idea, compliments of our amazing wedding planner Rebecca Stone. And this year, I'm stealing it.

If you're close to a Crate & Barrel, and you love it like I do, you can give this concept a peppermint twist, simply and inexpensively. To start:
Peppermint marshmallow pops = $7.95 for 4 (btw: white choc-covered-marshmallows with a pepp crust.)
Peppermint plaid dish towel = $3.95 (on sale now!)

Add to the peppermint treats a couple packets of your favorite hot chocolate mix. I bought a box of Swiss Miss dark chocolate cocoa on a market run, which yielded 8 packets for less than $3.

To wrap, use the dish towel as your vessel, cut some cellophane and a ribbon and wrap two packets of cocoa plus two pepp sticks inside, like a bottle of wine. Maybe throw on a festive tag that you DIY'd.
Grand total per gift: less than $7.

PS: While you're at The Crate, check out a few other hostess gift ideas. I also recently tried - for the first time - their sea salt caramels. I don't know what took me so long, but these are now my new go-to, chocolate-y gift for the season. YUM.


ashley maureen said...

very cute! the peppermint towel coordinates just perfectly. i heard that trader joe's has some sea-salt caramels. have you tried?

Jenn said...

super cute! I made marshmallow pops this weekend and it was super easy! Just a thought if you wanted to give a few people the gift, without spending too much at Crate and Barrel (although that's never stopped me from spending too much at Crate and Barrel ;).

paper{whites} said...

I HAVE heard that TJ's sells the sea-salt caramels, and I'm itching to try. Next shopping trip, for sure... and I would love to make homemade marshmallow pops. Great idea!

{av} said...

you are so clever...this is a wonderful idea! I love the peppermint marshmallows...sigh. Gotta love The Crate ;) xoxo{av}

...all of us said...

Super cute blog! Love your ideas! I follow a few blogs and now I will add yours. Ran into your hubbie today at the mall and he told me about your blog. Just passed along to a bunch of friends (one being the pres of the Westchester moms club) so you may have some more followers. Keep up the good work and cute ideas!

~Skylar Meinhardt

Karen said...

What a great hostess gift and so reasonably priced...you are the best.