early december to do's.

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Today, am thinking about making some purchases, in the gift wrapping dept.:

+ plain white tissue paper
+ striped red and plain red tissue paper
+ plain white boxes
+ white take-out boxes
+ two rolls of brown kraft wrapping paper
+ white tulle
+ baker's twine in cherry (and maybe green apple... and black licorice)

Also on the to do list:
+ tag punching: dark brown and red cardstock
+ take inventory: holiday stamps and stamp pads; gel pens; hostess gifts; last year's leftover ribbon.
+ sign, seal and deliver our christmas cards.
+ finalize the gift list and get shopping.

While I'm punching, I think I might love creating a little something like this. Major soft spot for advent calendars. But I better hurry. 23 days and counting.


Natalie said...

Sounds so pretty, I just bought some twine like that for our holiday wrapping. So fun!

{av} said...

In case you haven't bought your baker's twine yet, I just did a post on it last week...and found some for a lot cheaper, albeit not in such pretty packaging ;)

Here's the link!


I <3 your blog! xo