clear glass ornaments.

I was flipping through one of too many holiday catalogues last night, and came across this beautiful, simple canopy bed, adorned with greens and clear glass ornaments.
{Pottery Barn's log cabin patchwork quilt on their farmhouse canopy bed}
Saving this in the files for a simple, clean Christmas. Next year.


Karen said...

I've seen this quilt in the store and it, along with the simplicity of the bed, makes you feel rested (just looking at it). Ahhh, a simple, clean Christmas, do they exist? :-)

ashley maureen said...

yep, this is where i got my inspiration for the greenery + glass ornaments. perfect!

love the quilt too...

{av} said...

I love the simplicity of the ornaments and the intricacy of the quilts--just divine! It's now in my file box too :) xo

Jenn said...

That's perfect!